Product FAQ

To ensure our customers are able to make the best decisions for their purchase, we have prepared a list of commonly asked questions about our products and materials. Should you have any additional questions after reviewing this material, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Which paper type is right for me?

This largely depends on how you want the final image to be displayed.

Metallic paper, our most premium paper feature, offers a deep, shimmering, and high contrast look. It is the most eye catching of our paper materials, and we find that it suits aviation imagery quite well. This paper type is also more fragile than the regular gloss and lustre options, so ensure that if you have these images framed after delivery that they are handled with care by a professional.

Our Glossy paper offers the high quality gloss finish you would expect from a professional studio print. This paper produces bright and popping images, but without the enhanced depth of the metallic papers. If presented in poor lighting setups, this paper material can create a glare, so be mindful of how you will be displaying your newly acquired print.

The Lustre paper option is a low gloss, high color accuracy print that cuts down on reflections. This can be the right choice if you are looking for an accurate, durable print that will cut down on the glare commonly experienced with glossy prints.

For those looking for a truly special print, our "Printed on Metal" option provides a gorgeous direct-to-metal print that produces incredibly vibrant imagery. First, a white base is laid down on the metal. This boosts the saturation and contrast of the final image when laid down on top of the base. This print is not conventionally placed in a regular frame, and comes with a mounting solution that provides a uniquely modern presentation.

 paper types

What mounting option is best for my print? Can I order an unmounted print?

Due to the large format nature of our prints in conjunction with the fragile, high grade materials that are used in our processes, we require that each purchased print is mounted in some fashion. This helps us to ensure that you receive the best quality product we are capable of providing, and that the print is ready to be framed upon arrival. We would hate for you to order the perfect print, only for it to be damaged in the mounting process by a third party. Proper mounting also ensures that your product will stand the test of time. We allow photos to be purchased without a frame because the framing process carries an inherently lower risk of damaging your print than the mounting process.

Our "3mm Black Styrene" option provides a durable and cost effective mounting substrate for your photograph. The styrene backer will stand up to warping while remaining light weight.

The "1/8" Masonite" mounting solution utilizes a very hard, very durable masonite slab that will last for years to come. We encourage our larger print buyers to option for the masonite slab, as it provides the most premium and reliable experience.

The "Metal Print Hanger" option is for those who have optioned for metal instead of paper as their print substrate. These metal brackets allow for our metal prints to be mounted directly to the wall. Due to popular demand, in the coming months we will be delivering new options for metal print buyers that are looking for an even more premium experience.


How long will my order take to ship?

Since our prints are custom made for your order, please allow 3-5 days for shipping to begin. This allows us time to print, mount, and inspect the product, ensuring the utmost quality in your delivered product. For customers who have ordered a custom framing solution, please allow 5-7 days for your product to ship. If there are shipping delays due to high volume of orders, we will promptly notify you.


How should I care for my print?

Prints are fragile, and as such, special care needs to be taken to make sure that your newly acquired print is taken care of. When you receive your print, we strongly recommend that you do not touch the face of the photograph directly. Never lay the print face down, or transport the print with the image touching another object. Having the print professionally framed as soon as possible is the best way to avoid any lasting damage.